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We offer premier collision repair services in Windsor, CO

Whether you were involved in a major wreck or a minor fender bender, you'll get the help you need from Iron Mountain Truck And Auto. We've been providing first-rate collision repair services to residents of the Windsor, CO area for years. Our technicians are certified to work with aluminum, and are committed to fixing your ride in a flash.

Call Iron Mountain Truck And Auto at 970-674-1891 today to schedule aluminum repair services.

Breathe new life into your wrecked vehicle

Breathe new life into your wrecked vehicle

Our I-CAR certified technicians utilize more than four decades of experience to eliminate your vehicle's damage. We can fix all makes and models, and we work with all insurance companies.

Iron Mountain Truck And Auto offers free estimates, free local pick-up and delivery services and free towing services. Schedule aluminum repair services with us today.